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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-34. ENGINE SPEED GOVERNOR (Continued).
l. Support the lower end
of throttle shaft on
the bed of arbor
press, then place a
sleeve on throttle
lever and under ram
of press. Align the
slot in cam with pin
in throttle lever,
then press the lever
down on the shaft
until hole in the
lever is in line with
the hole in the shaft.
m. Insert the straight
pin (5) in the hole
of the lever, then
support the lever and
cover assembly on a
steel block and drive
the pin into place.
n. Position shutdown shaft
Install lock-
(4) on throttle shaft
washer (3) and
and tighten capscrew
capscrew (2),
if removed.
o. Install plug (1) in
throttle shaft.
p. Attach one end of
spring (11) in small
end of lever assembly
q. Position cover gasket
(20) in place on
housing (22).


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