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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-35. BLOWER ASSEMBLY (Continued).
21. Rear and
a. Remove fillister head screws (87)
Front End
from rear end plate (88).
and Rotor
b. Loosen fillister head screws
securing front end plate (90)
to blower housing approximately
three turns.
c. Back out the center screw of the
Use pullers
pullers far enough to permit the
flange of each puller to lay flat
on the face of the end plate.
d. Secure pullers to the end plate
with six 1/4"-20x1-1/4" bolts.
Be sure that the 1/4"-20 bolts are threaded all the way into the tapped holes in the
end plate to eliminate possible damage to the end plate.
e. Turn the two puller screws uniformly
clockwise and withdraw the rear
end plate (88) and bearings from
the blower housing and rotors.
f. Remove the fillister head screws
(89) securing the front end plate
(90) to the housing.


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