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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-35. BLOWER ASSEMBLY (Continued).
f. Check the finished ends
of the blower housing,
for flatness and burrs.
The end plates must set
flat against the blower
The finished inside face of each end plate must be smooth and flat. If the finished
face is slightly scored or burred it may be cleaned up with emery cloth.
g. Examine the serrations
in the blower timing
gears for wear and
peening; also check the
teeth for wear, chipping
or damage. If the gears
are worn to the point
where the backlash
between the gear teeth
exceeds .004 inch, or
damaged sufficiently to
require replacement,
both gears must be
replaced as a set.
h. Check the blower drive
shaft serrations for
wear or peening.
Replace the shaft if it
is bent.
i. Inspect the serrations
inside the rotor drive
hub for wear and peening.
j. Inspect threaded parts
for thread damage.


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