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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-35. BLOWER ASSEMBLY (Continued).
d. Install the remaining oil seals
96) in the end plates in the
same manner.
e. Install the blower front end
plate (90), making sure the
mark TOP on the outer ribbed
side is at the top of the
blower housing, identified by
the flange with supports the
housing on the top edge of the
cylinder block.
The front end and rear end plates of the blower are interchangeable. One end plate should be
assembled to the front end of the blower housing first and the other plate should be assembled
to the rear of the blower housing after the rotors are in place.
f. Attach an end plate to the
front of the blower housing
as follows:
(1) Check the dowel pins (93).
The dowel pin must project
.380 inch from the flat
inner face and .270 inch
from the outer face of the
front end plate to assure
proper alignment of the end
plate to the housing and
the cover to the end plate.


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