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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-36. TRANSMISSION OIL PUMP (Continued).
e. Examine the oil pump shaft (2)
for wear and scoring where the
shaft contacts the bushings and
oil seals. Also examine the
serrations on the end of the
drive shaft for peening and
wear. If the serrations are
peened or worn excessively, or
the shaft is scored and cannot
be suitably cleaned up with
fine emery paper or crocus
cloth, it must be replaced.
f. The rotor cavity in the pump body
must be perfectly smooth for
efficient operation. Examine
the cavity for score marks.
g. The mating faces of the pump body
and cover must be perfectly flat
so when they are bolted together
they form a tight joint. If the
body and cover do not join
tightly, leakage is not only
apt to occur, but the proper
clearance between the rotors and
the body and cover will not be
h. If any of the above surfaces are
damaged, it is recommended that
new parts be used.
i. Examine the inner rotor (1) and
outer rotor (3). If the rotors
are worn or scored excessively,
they must be replaced.
j. The end clearance of the rotors
is the clearance between the
cover face of the body and the
rotor set when placed in the
rotor pocket and should be
between .0015 and .0035 inch
(0.0038 and 0.0089 cm). A good


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