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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-36. TRANSMISSION OIL PUMP (Continued).
a. Affix a new gasket (12)
to the flange of the oil
pump body (24).
The oil pump to flywheel housing gasket and the flywheel housing small hole
gasket are very similar in design. When installing a new oil pump to flywheel
housing gasket, be sure to use the proper gasket to prevent oil leaks. The oil
pump gasket has an inside diameter of approximately 3-17/32".
b. Install the oil pump
drive coupling hub (13)
on the end of the oil
pump drive shaft (2).
c. If removed, place the
oil pump drive coupling
(39) over the drive
coupling hub (40) on the
end of the blower drive
shaft. Install snapring
d. Position the oil pump
Screws (8) are
assembly in back of the
3/8-24 x 5-1/2
flywheel housing. Then
inch, screws
with the teeth on the
(10) are
drive coupling hub in
3/8-16 x 1
position to mesh with
the teeth in the drive
coupling, place the pump
against the flywheel
housing and secure in
place with screws (8 and
10), lockwashers (9 and
11) and nuts (7).


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