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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-37. POWER TAKE-OFF ASSEMBLY (Continued).
6. Clutch Drive
a. Remove the bearing retainer
lock plate bolts (14),
lockwasher (45), and
bearing retainer lock
plates (13) from inside
the clutch housing.
b. Remove the bearing retainer
(12) from the clutch
housing by turning the
retainer counterclockwise.
c. Pull the clutch drive
shaft (6) and roller
bearings and cones (46),
and bearing cup (47) from
the clutch housing as an
assembly. If the bearing
cones or cup tend to stick
in the clutch housing, tap
on the outer end of the
clutch drive shaft lightly
with a plastic hammer to
loosen the bearing cup.


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