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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-37. POWER TAKE-OFF ASSEMBLY (Continued).
c Remove the clutch adjusting
ring (20) by turning it
counterclockwise out of the
inner clutch pressure plate
d. Lift the inner clutch pres-
Discard inner
sure plate (18) straight up
clutch plate.
off the bosses on the outer
clutch pressure plate (16).
e. Remove the one piece clutch
facing (1) from the outer
clutch pressure plate (16).
f. Remove the three clutch pres-
sure plate separator springs
(19) from the holes in the
outer clutch pressure plate
g. Remove the clutch release
lever spring (25) as an
assembly from the clutch
release sleeve assembly (22).
h. Matchmark both halves of the
release sleeve collar (54) to
assure that they will be
assembled in the same position.
i. Remove the two nuts (55) from
bolts (56) securing the two
halves of the collar (54)
together, then remove the
collar from the release sleeve
j. Remove the retaining rings
(35) from pins (36) that con-
nect links (26) to the release
sleeve (21). Remove the pins
and links from the release


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