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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-37. POWER TAKE-OFF ASSEMBLY (Continued).
f. Lubricate the outside diameter
of the inner roller bearing (8)
cup with engine oil. Place the
cup over the forward end of the
clutch drive shaft with the
tapered inner diameter of the
cup facing the bearing cone.
g. Start the roller bearing cup
straight in the bearing bore of
the clutch housing (10). Then,
tap the cup in against the
rollers of the bearing cone by
tapping alternately around the
cup with a hard wood block and
h. Lubricate the threads of the
roller bearing retainer (12)
with engine oil. Place the
retainer over the forward end of
the drive shaft (6) with the
notches in the end of the
retainer facing the forward end
of the shaft.


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