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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-37. POWER TAKE-OFF ASSEMBLY (Continued).
Attach a dial indicator
to the pilot bearing end
of the drive shaft, then
position the indicator
point on the face of the
clutch housing next to
the bearing retainer.
Set the dial indicator
at zero.
Lift the clutch housing
and drive shaft assembly
from the wood block.
Tap lightly on the pilot
bearing end of the drive
shaft to move the drive
shaft and bearing outer
cone assembly against the
outer roller bearing cup.
Note the reading on the
dial indicator. The dial
indicator will show the
amount of end play in the
clutch drive shaft bearing.
Lower the clutch housing
until the end of the drive
shaft rests on the wood
block and the weight of
the housing is off of the
chain hoist.
Tap lightly on the inner
side of the clutch housing
alternately around the
bearing retainer to be
sure the inner roller
bearing cone rests against
the bearing cap. The dial
indicator should read zero.


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