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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-37. POWER TAKE-OFF ASSEMBLY (Continued).
d. Align the keyways in the
release yoke with the
woodruff keys in the release
shaft; then move the release
yoke over the keys until it
is centrally located in the
clutch housing and each end
of the release shaft extends
an equal distance outside of
the clutch housing.
e. Install the two clamp bolts
(41) and lockwashers, and
tighten the bolts to 30-35
ft-lb (40.7-47.5 Nm) torque.
16. Clutch
a. Support the clutch housing and
drive shaft assembly on wood
blocks with the drive shaft
in a horizontal position and
the inspection hole in the
clutch housing facing up.
b. Lubricate the inside diameter
of clutch release sleeve (21)
with engine oil; then start
the clutch assembly over the
tapered end of the clutch
drive shaft (6) with the
keyway in the hub of the
outer pressure plate (16)
in line with the keyway in
the clutch drive shaft.
Position the clutch release
sleeve collar (22) so the
tapped hole in the side of
collar is in the proper
relation to the flexible
tube hole in the side of
clutch housing, so that the
flexible grease tube (33)
can be connected at each


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