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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-39. REVERSE GEAR ASSEMBLY (Continued).
Four pairs of needle bearing-mounted planet gears (15) and (16), meshing together, are carried on shafts (17)
fixed in a carrier (18). The mounting shafts for the four gears (16) are nearer the center of the carrier than the four shafts
for gears (15) thus gears (16) mesh with the sun gear (8) at the center of the carrier and gears (15) mesh with the ring
gear (9) surrounding the planet carrier. The planet carrier is splined to and rotates with the drive shaft (6). The sun gear
(8) is free to rotate on the hub of carrier (18) while the ring gear (9) may be locked from rotating by the reverse clutch
plate (10). Since the sun gear (8) meshes with and is driven by the forward clutch drive plate (4) which is a part of the
flywheel, motion is imparted to the sun gear in a forward direction and, if the ring gear (9) is held stationary, the planet
assembly will revolve in a reverse direction to the engine flywheel carrying the drive shaft along with it. The reversal of
motion is more fully explained under Operation.
4. Plate-Forward Clutch Drive
Plate-Reverse Clutch
Gear-Reverse Planet
6. Shaft-Reverse Gear Drive
Gear-Reverse Planet
8. Gear-Reverse Sun
Shaft-Reverse Planet Gear
9. Gear-Reverse Ring
Carrier-Reverse Planet
Gear Train Diagram of Planet and Reverse Drive - L.H. Rotation Engine


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