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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-39. REVERSE GEAR ASSEMBLY (Continued).
The sides of the pins must align with the scribe marks. If a pin has twisted slightly out of line
when installing, line it up with a wrench.
l. Place the forward clutch
piston (5) without seal
ring-down over the drive
pins to assure the heads
of the pins will engage
the slots in the piston
without binding. Then,
remove the piston from
the flywheel.
m. Lubricate the pilot
bearing (52) with clean
engine oil. Start the
bearing straight into the
bore of the flywheel
with the shielded side of
the bearing facing the oil
seal. Tap the bearing
down in the flywheel with
a clean wood block and
n. Place the seal ring
expander (59) in the seal
ring groove of the flywheel.
Then, starting at the
approximate center of the
expander, feed the thick
lip of the seal ring (58)
into the groove next to
the expander with the
narrow lip of the seal
ring pointed down into the


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