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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-39. REVERSE GEAR ASSEMBLY (Continued).
The end and edges of the feeler gage must be smooth and free of nicks or burrs.
v. Carefully slide the feeler gage
around between the outer seal
ring (60) and the flywheel (1)
and check for any bind on the
feeler gage. Then, check the
clearance between the inner
seal ring (58) and flywheel
(1). If a bind occurs, the lip
of the seal ring may have
turned up or the piston (5) may
not be centrally located.
w. If the lip of either of the
seal rings has turned up,
remove the piston (5) and
install a new seal ring.
Recheck the clearance.
x. If the piston (5) is not
centered, tap the face of the
piston (opposite the bind)
lightly with a plastic hammer.
If the bind still exists, remove
the piston (5) and turn 120or
240 reinstall the piston and
again check clearance.
y. Attach flywheel lifting tool to
Use tool
the flywheel (1) with two 7/16-14
inch bolts of suitable length.
Then, with the use of a chain
hoist, position the flywheel in
the flywheel housing and in
line with the crankshaft.


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