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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-39. REVERSE GEAR ASSEMBLY (Continued).
26. Marine Gear
a. Affix a new gasket (24) to
the forward face of each
reverse gear housing (19).
b. Support the reverse gear
housing (19) and adapter
plate (22) with two rope
slings and a chain hoist.
c. Lubricate the pilot bearing
surface and the splines on
the forward end of each
reverse gear drive shaft (6)
with engine oil.
d. With the blocking still in
place beneath the two flywheel
housings (23), same as when
the reverse gears and adapter
plate assembly was removed,
position the assembly
directly in back of the
engines with the forward end
of the drive shafts in line
with the center of the
e. Move the reverse gears and
adapter place forward and
pilot the drive shafts (6)
straight into and through the
hub of each forward clutch
plate (3).
If the splines on the drive shafts do not readily engage those in the hub of each
clutch plate, press forward slightly on the assembly and at the same time, turn
one or both of the drive shafts slightly to align the splines.


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