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TM 55-1905-223-24-9
1-9. 1 Equipment Data. Reference data for the steering gear is given in Table 1- 1.1. Also see the equipment data
given in the operator's manual, TM 55- 1905-223-10.
Table 1-1.1 Steering Gear Equipment Data
Reference Data
Twin Pumpset
Overall dimensions
34" long, 32" wide, 24-1/8 high
Overall net weight
900 lbs dry; 1250 lbs wet
Hydraulic vane pump
Part/model: 80-100051 (V20- 1 P7S- C-11)
Output flow
9.5 gpm
Reservoir capacity
60 U.S. gal.
Maximum allowable roll
26 degrees
and pitch
Rudder torque - continuous
13L Ton-Ft
Rudder control range
35 x 2 (port and starboard)
Single pump hard-over time
15 seconds
Twin pump hard-over time
7.5 seconds
System relief valve setting
930 psi
Double acting relief/bypass/shutoff
1 160 psi
valve setting
Pressure gauge range
3000 psi
Solenoid valve voltage
115 Vac
Inlet line strainer
20 gpm rated capacity
.010 in. (100-wire mesh)
Inlet line filter
30 gpm rated capacity
10 micrometer filtration
100 psi operating pressure
Oil level indication
Isolated visual sight gauge
Low level alarm sensor
Reed switch
Cylinders (2 per shipset)
Model L100-650
Piston rods
Chrome plated steel
Rudder stops
Integral and adjustable
527 cubic inches
Motors (2 per shipset)
Totally enclosed drip-proof
Rated HP & FL speed
10 H.P. at 1800 rpm
230 Vac - 3 phase Delta
60 Hz - 7.5 kw
Current rating
26 Amp at 230 Vac
Starting method
Direct across line
Rotating speed
1800 rpm
Bearing type
Ball bearing
Emergency Hand Pump
Oil pumping capacity
5.94 cubic inches/rev
Header tank capacity
2 U.S. gal.
Oil level monitoring
Visual sight gauge
Hulls 2008 and subsequent
Change 1 1-18


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