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TM 55-1905-223-24-9
c. Remove front plate (11).
d. Remove gasket (8) and seal (12).
Repair at this level consists of replacing helm pump (16), gasket (8), and seal (12).
a. Install seal (12) and gasket (8).
b. Replace front plate (11).
c. Replace five capscrews (10) and secure plain hexagon nuts (9).
d. Replace pipe plug (7).
a. Position helm pump (16) over mounting bolt holes.
b. Install pump with two mounting bolts (15).
c. Remove caps and connect input and output lines (5, 6, FIGURE 2-5, Sheet 1) to pump.
d. Connect header tank output line (3, FIGURE 2-5, Sheet 1) to helm pump (4, FIGURE 2-5, Sheet 1).
e. Install guide key (14, FIGURE 2-5, Sheet 2) and wheel to pump.
f. Flush and fill header tank with filtered hydraulic fluid.
g. Operate pump by rotating wheel several turns in both directions while observing tiller arms. Movement should be
1.2 degrees per revolution of wheel.
h. Check header tank oil level. Top off as necessary.
i. Properly dispose of used hydraulic fluid. Wipe up any spills. Clean and store utility pail.
j. Return control to the bridge (TM 55-1905-223-10).


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