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TM 55-1905-223-24-9'
(d) Replace reservoir cover (4) and secure with eight capscrews and lockwashers (3).
(e) Check oil levels and top off as necessary (para. 2-10).
(f) Replace two strainer filler caps (23) in reservoir cover.
b. Pumpset (Starboard Assembly).
(1) Gauges.
(a) Lift starboard uniblock 2A assembly (43) up and replace gasket (38). Secure with two hexhead
capscrews and lockwashers (36, 37).
(b) Connect electrical connector cable clamp (32), terminal connectors (29), cable sheathing (30), and
wire (31) to uniblock 2A assembly (43). Remove tags.
(2) Hydraulic Piping.
(a) Replace outlet tubing (1). Secure tube fitting.(42) at starboard uniblock 2A assembly (43) and tube
fitting (2) at pump (35).
(b) Replace inlet tubing (5). Secure tube fitting (7) at porting outlet left block (8) and tube fitting (34) at
pump (35). Secure clamp assembly (6).
(c) Dispose of hydraulic fluids in utility pail, clean pail, and stow away.
(3) Reservoir Cover. Follow steps in ASSEMBLY paragraph a(3).


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