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TM 55-1905-223-24-9
a. Lubricate with clean hydraulic oil and insert new seal (2) into body (1).
b. Install retaining ring (3).
c. Install bearing (4) in body.
d. Install shaft (5), machine key (6), shaft nut (7), and retaining ring (8) into body.
e. Lubricate with clean hydraulic oil and insert new preformed packing (10) in body (1) and cover (18). Insert pin
(11) in body (1).
f. Position rotor (9) and vane set (12) over shaft (5).
g. Install bushing (14) in pressure plate.
h. Position ring (13), lubricated performed packing (10) and pressure plate (15) to body over alignment pin (11).
i. Place spring (16) on pressure plate (15).
j. Position cover (18) over pressure plate and ring (13).
k. Apply pressure to cover and install four machine screws (17) through cover ring and mounting holes on body (1).
Secure all four machine screws.
l. Replace hydraulic pump (paragraph 2-17).
m. Restore power to pump.
n. Check for leaks
o. Remove tags and restore equipment to normal operation.


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