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TM 55-1905-223-24-9
c. End Cap.
(1) Install spindle (6) and lockwashers (5).
(2) Install springs (4) and spring guides (3).
(3) Install preformed packings (2) and end caps (1).
d. Operate and Test.
(1) Replace uniblock 2A assembly (paragraph 2-19).
(2) Restore power to pumpset.
(3) Check for leaks.
(4) Return pumpset to normal operation (TM 55-1905-223-10).
(5) Remove "Out of Service - Do Not Operate" tag from circuit breaker.
Keep hands, tools, and clothes away from rotating machinery, or personal injury could result.
Adjust shuttle valve only if pressure exceeds 930 psi. Valve is factory set at this pressure and
should normally not require adjustment.
a. Set one of two local control unit switches to LOCAL.
b. Open shutoff valve to pressure gauge on uniblock 2A assembly.
c. Close four cylinder valves.
d. Remove lockwire (31) from relief valve jamnut (self-locking nut) (33) and loosen nut.
e. Hold jog lever to one side. System pressure gauge should read 930 psi. If not, turn adjustment screw (32) with
allen key:
In - to adjust the pressure higher
Out - to adjust the pressure lower


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