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TM 55-1905-223-24-9
3-15 Repair Feedback Unit #1 (FIGURE 3-7)
This task covers:
a. Disassembly,
b. Repair,
c. Assembly.
Equipment Condition
Tool kit, electricians
Equipment shutdown and tagged
"Out of Service - Do not
Feedback unit removed,
Material s/Parts
Shaft bearing bushing, P/N SF2432-16
Shaft base, P/N 1200-10106
Heater, P/N B205-1K5 (2)
Cover gasket, P/N 1200-10109
Shaft bearing, P/N 58KDD
Spur gear, P/N NBS 2484
Spur gear, P/N NBS 2424
Potentiometer, P/N C158-3CP-3
Limit switch, P/N BA-2RV22-A2 (2)
Switch adapter, P/N 17MA1B (2)
Seal, P/N 7572
a. Remove fourteen screws (12) and washers (13) and remove the cover (11).
b. Remove the cover gasket (10) and discard.
c. Remove four screws (3) from the shaft bearing bushing (6).
d. Remove the bushing (6), bearing (5) and seal (4) from the shaft (2).
e. Remove any wires from potentiometer (9) and tag.
f. Remove four screws, lockwashers and flat washers from bracket (14).
g. Remove bracket (14) with potentiometer (9) and spur gear (8).
h. Remove four nuts, flat washers and lockwashers from bracket (15). Remove wires from switches (19) and tag.
i. Remove bracket (15) with limit switches (19) and switch adapters (17).
j. Remove four screws, nuts and washers (18) and remove switches (19) and adapters (17) from bracket (15).
k. Loose set screw on spur gear (1) and slide gear down on shaft (2).
Hulls 2008 and subsequent
Change 1 3-31


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