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TM 55-1905-223-24-9
b. Straight Shaft.
(1) Install annular ball bearing (10) in pump housing (3).
(2) Install sleeve (9) and woodruff key (8) on shaft.
(3) Slide straight shaft and sleeve into annular ball bearing (10). Ensure proper alignment with ball bearings
(16) and wires (12), part of lockvalve.
c. Rotor.
(1) Install piston insert (6), helical compression spring (5), and piston (4) into rotor (7).
(2) Repeat step for remaining pistons.
(a) Install rotor (7) on woodruff key (8) and straight shaft (27).
(b) Install annular ball bearing (10), bearing plate (20), and bearing cage (21) on straight shaft.
d. Front Plate.
(1) Install flat washer (24), inner race bearing (29), and bearing (30).
(2) Install front plate on straight shaft and ensure proper alignment with roll pins (2) and mounting screw holes
on pump housing.
(3) Secure front plate to pump housing (3) with capscrews (23) and hexagon nuts (22).
e. Hand Wheel.
(1) Install machine key (26) in slot on straight shaft.
(2) Install hand wheel (not shown) on straight shaft (27) and secure with bolt (25).
f. Install helm pump with seal and gasket (paragraph 2-14).
g. Restore power to pumpset.
h. Return equipment to service. Refer to TM 55-1905-223-10.
i. Remove "Out of Service - Do Not Operate" tag from circuit breaker.


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