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TB 55-1900-232-10
Even a poor choice of location for conducting pre-tow preparations can lead to major problems. If available, the tow
should be prepared at a full-service, easily-accessible location and then moved to a staging area once fully prepared and
made ready for sea.
Few tows will be exact duplicates of earlier tows. Even though some tows may appear to be duplicates, there will be
differences m season (weather), route and configuration of the towed vessel Thus, the pre-tow planning and preparations
must be con ducted each time a towing task is undertaken in order to ensure a minimum of oversights and mishaps
A-4.2 CONTINGENCY PLANNING.  Contingency planning is very similar to operational planning except that it
concentrates on the aspects of being prepared to respond to emergency conditions. Being prepared includes both
knowing what to do and having the appropriate supplies and equipment available for proper response.


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