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TB 55-1900-232-10
Is/are shaft(s) locked m accordance with the U.S. Navy Towing Manual?
Is/are propeller(s) removed?
Are shafts equipped with extra rings of packing in the gland to allow emergency repair during transit, and is the
gland tightened to its tightest position?
Ensure that there is no leakoff at the stern tube Can the stern tube packing gland be tightened at least two
more inches before it is two-blocked?
aa. Are locking nuts tight on packing glands to prevent their backing off?
bb. Are all portholes sealed and covered with metal to prevent breakage?
Are all vents subject to heavy-weather flooding (e.g., air, fresh w ter, fuel tank, etc ) sealed?
Wood covers are not considered adequate
(Note Recommend remove completely and blank flange or weld closed )
dd. Are all hatches, scuttles, doors and other watertight closures provided with pliable gaskets?
ee. Have weather decks and main transverse bulkhead watertight closures been chalk tested?
Are all dogs on watertight closures operable and functioning as designed?
gg. Are all main spaces accessible for adequate dewatering capability?
hh. Location of pumps/generators/eductors
Amount/location/size of hose


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