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TB 600-1
Fire prevention and fire fighting
All prospective operators must be made aware of the danger of fire on or within the equipment to be operated.
Rags, spilled oil, gasoline, diesel fuel. and cleaning fluids in open container must be removed from the equipment prior to working on
electrical components, or starting the engine. Emphasis must be place on fire prevention and proper use of fire extinguishers.
Washing and cleaning: Procedures for washing and cleaning are not identical on all equipment. Operator must be
knowledgeable of the procedures in the pertinent equipment technical manual. In general, equipment is cleaned after each days
operation, and during normal operations, should be washed on a weekly basis. Cleaning should be directed at:
Spilled oil. grease, and fuel must be cleaned up immediately to prevent fire hazards.
Mud, sticks and small stones that become lodged between the skirts and shrouds of the generator must be
removed so the operator can make a thorough inspection.
Training the Operator
Operation of equipment
The operator/crew should know how to perform every operation of which the generator is capable.
Each exercise should be performed satisfactorily by the potential operator before going on to the next.
Supervision must be strict to prevent any trial-and-error type operation and accidents.
On each new exercise, and before the potential operator attempts the exercise, the instructor will demonstrate the
correct procedure.
During this phase of training, instruction must be designed:
For the potential operator to apply knowledge gained during the preliminary training
To permit the student to obtain sufficient operating experience.
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