Quantcast Training the Operator - CONTINUED

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TB 600-1
To enable the potential operator to follow the proper procedures and techniques in manipulating the controls,
and satisfactorily operate the equipment.
For the potential operator to receive practical training initiating and completing DA Form 2404 (Equipment
Inspection and Maintenance Work Sheet).
Emphasis should be placed on (but not limited to) the following steps as applicable to the specific equipment on
which the instruction/training is conducted:
Before, during and after preventive maintenance services (including procedures concerning extreme hot, and
cold climate condition).
Operating instructions as outlined in the applicable technical manual.
Starting, warm up, and stopping procedures, to include cold weather and electrical slave starting.
The starting, warm up, and stopping procedures are not identical for all generators. Procedures
prescribed in the pertinent equipment technical manual will be taught.
Instruments and manipulation of controls (how they work, and what each signifies).
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