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TB 600-1
Listed below are the various publications that were used in development of this packet. Also listed are the technical manuals and
lubrication orders which Identify the DOD family of power generators. Be sure the manuals and regulations that you use for training
are current If you are not sure that your references are up to date, or you have other equipment on hand that is not identified here,
refer to the DA PAM 25-30 for a complete listing of current publications.
Field Manuals (FM)
FM 22-100
Military Leadership
FM 25-3
How to prepare and conduct military training
FM 20-31
Electric power generation In the field
FM 43-5
Organizational Maintenance management
FM 55-30
Al my Motor transport units and operations
FM 21-17 7
Drivers Selection. Training and Supervision, Tracked Vehicles
Technical Manuals (TM)
TM 9-2805-203-14
Engine, gasoline MIL-STD 6HP
TM 9-2805-256-14
Engine, gasoline MIL-STD I I/2 HP
TM 9-2805-257-14
Engine, gasoline MIL-STD 3HP
TM 9-1805-258-14
Engine, gasoline MIL-STD IOHP
TM 9-2805-259-14
Engine, gasoline MIL-STD 20HP
TM 5-6115-329-14
Generator Set 0 5KW DOD Gasoline Engine Driven
TM 5-6115-323-14
Generator Set I 5KW DOD Gasoline Engine Driven
TM 5-6115-271-14
Generator Set 3KW DOD gasoline engine driven
TM 5-6115-596-14
Generator Set 4 2KW 28V DC
TM 5-6115-332-14
Generator Set 5KW DOD gasoline engine driven
TM 5-6115-275-14
Generator Set 10KW DOD gasoline engine driven
TM 5-6115-584-12
Generator Set 5KW DOD Diesel engine driven
TM 5-6115-585-12
Generator Set I OKW DOD Diesel engine driven
TM 5-6115-464-12
Generator Set 15KW DOD Diesel engine driven
TM 5-6115-465-12
Generator Set 30KW DOD Diesel engine driven
FM 5-6115-545-12
Generator Set 60KW DOD Diesel engine driven
TM 5-6115-457-12
Generator Set I 00KW DOD Diesel engine driven
TM 9-6140-200-14
Lead acid battery maintenance
Lubrication Orders (LO)
LO 9-2805-203-12
Engine, gasoline MIL-STD 6HP
LO 9-2805-256-12
Engine, gasoline MIL-STD I 1/2 HP
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