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TM 55-1905-222-14
2-9.1 Emergency Steering. If one steering pump or one engine should fail, the steering system will continue
to operate. If both steering pumps should fail, steering can be accomplished by turning the wheel. The helm
unit will act as a pump to actuate the steering cylinders. In case of failure of the hydraulic steering capability,
use the emergency' tiller as follows:
Open the normally closed by-pass valves - two port, two starboard - in the lazarette to drain the
steering cylinders. Refer to figure in para. 1-18(c).
Remove the deck plate (1) over the port or starboard rudder stock on the main deck.
Remove the emergency tiller (2) from the stowage brackets on the starboard side of the pilothouse.
From the main deck, insert the emergency tiller socket over the upper square rudder stock.
Steering the LCM-8 with the emergency tiller must be
accomplished at engine speeds below 1500 RPM. Steering by
tiller at engine speeds over 1500 RPM may endanger the tiller
operator and cause loss of steering control.
Steer the LCM-8 by operating the tiller (2).
If the steering cylinder is jammed and restricting rudder
movement, remove the cotter pin from the connecting rod pin;
remove the connecting rod pin from both the cylinder piston and
the port tiller crank arm. Then resume steering by tiller.
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