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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
(3) Close the assembly door, restore power, and check the unit for proper operation.
e. To replace the complete control module assembly, do the following:
(1) Position a new control module assembly and install the four mounting screws (1, FIGURE 2-13)
(2) Remove the 10 conduit knockouts in the bottom of the junction box if they are still in place.
(3) Return each set of wires, with its cable connector (7,8, 9, FIGURE 2-13), to the same conduit
hole that it was removed from on the hold assembly.
(4) Run each set of wires through a connector locknut (6, FIGURE 2-13) on the inside of the box.
Screw the lockouts to the threads on the connectors and tighten.
(5) Reconnect all wires to terminal board (TB1, TB2, and TB3). Make sure each wire is returned to
the same position that it was connected to in the old assembly (See FIGURE 2-14 for circuit
card details).
(6) Place the red and the black chlorinating solenoid wires back into the spiral wrapping door
(7) Connect the chlorinating solenoid wires to their proper terminals (13, FIGURE 2-13) on the
power relay (14).
(8) Close the assembly door (19).
(9) Restore electrical power.
(a) Turn the primary breaker to the unit ON.
(b) Throw the control module breaker switch (18, FIGURE 2-13) to the ON position.
(10) Run the sanitary unit and check for proper o eration (TM 55-1905-223-10).


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