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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
a. Mount the waste disposer onto the sanitary unit as follows (refer to FIGURE 2-22).
(1) Apply teflon pipe lubricant to the threads and connect the adapter (5, FIGURE 2-22), tee (3) and
flexible coupling (2) (that were removed from the old disposer) to the outlet connection on the new
waste disposer (6). Position properly and install the adapter.
(2) Remove the temporary plugs that were placed in the piping connections after removing the old
macerator.Clean the connections with dry rags.
(3) Loosen the quick-mount clamp (8, FIGURE 2-22) and position the waste disposer inlet and flexible
coupling (2) in line with the piping and slide the disposer upward and onto the piping.
Keep the waste disposer supported while making the piping
connections to the sanitary device.
(4) Position the hush cushion (7) and quick-mount clamp (8) and tighten the quick-mount clamp to 40 in-lb.
(5) Tighten the flexible coupling clamps (1) on the flexible coupling (2) to 40 in-lb.
The waste disposer should now be supported by the mounting clamps.
(6) Apply teflon pipe thread lubricant to threads and install pipe plug (4).
b. Connect the electrical cable to the waste disposer (paragraph 2-18).
c. Open the sewage inlet and outlet valves, the backwash water supply valve, and the bleach metering
d. Restore power, start the unit, and conduct run check (paragraph 2-6).


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