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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
b. Unscrew the locknut on the lamp socket (7) from inside the case of the assembly. Rem ve the socket
with bulb (8) and the red lens (5).
c. Remove the bulb (8) from the socket (7).
d. Remove the electrical wires from the terminals on the base of the lamp socket (7).
e. Disconnect the cable connector (6).
Remove the assembly from its mounting and withdraw the electrical wires through the bottom of the
cable connector.
Repair to the commode warning light assembly is by the replacement of the lens, lamp bulb or by
replacement of the assembly. Refer to the Removal and Replacement steps of this procedure.
a. Pull the electrical wires through the cable connector (6, FIGURE 2-27) on the bottom of the assembly.
Mount the assembly and tighten the cable connector until snug.
c. Insert a new bulb (8) in the socket (7).
d. Position the red lens (5) in the assembly (1) and connect the socket and bulb with the socket locknut.
e. Connect the electrical wires to the terminals on the base of the socket.
f. Install the front panel (2) with the four screws(4).
g. Restore electrical power, start the unit, and conduct run check (paragraph 2-6).


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