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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
(c) Remove the screws (6), nuts (20), and washers (19), and remove the housing (14) and gasket (12).
(d) Remove the turntable screw (11) and washer (8) from the end of the motor shaft and remove the
turntable (9). Remove the rippers (10) from the turntable (9).
(e) Lift the grind ring (13) from the housing (21).
(f) Remove the seal set (15), shims (22, 23, 24), slinger (16), and spacer (17) from the end of the motor
(2) Assemble the upper housing as follows (FIGURE 3-1).
(a) Apply a light coat of oil to the motor shaft and install the spacer (17), slinger (16), shims (22, 23, 24),
and seal set (15) onto the shaft.
(b) Position the grind ring (13) in the motor end housing (21).
(c) Install the rippers (10) on the turntable (9).
(d) Install the turntable washer (8) and screw (11).
Make sure the gaskets (12, 5) are positioned properly when replacing the housings
(14, 3).
(e) Position the gasket (12) and the housing (14) on the motor end housing (21). Install the screws (6),
washers (19), and nuts (20) and tighten alternately from one side to the other. Tighten until snug.
(f) Position the gasket (5) and housing (3) on the lower housing (14) and install screws (4) and nuts (7).
Tighten the screws alternately from one side to the other. Tighten until snug.
(g) Place the hush cushion (2) and quick-mount clamp (1) on the housing (3). Tighten the clamp just
enough to hold it in position until the waste disposer is replaced back onto the sanitary unit.
b. Repair to the alternating current (ac) motor on the waste disposer is by the replacement of gaskets, seal set,
capacitor, and stationary switch. Test the ac motor before it is removed from the sanitary unit.
(1) Test the ac motor as follows (refer to FIGURES 3-1 and 3-2):
(a) Make sure there is voltage to the control module assembly (paragraph 2-17). Refer to (1) FIGURE 3-2
for power supply terminals.
(b) Check for power to the motor at the waste disposer terminals in the control module assembly. Place
the sanitary unit in the continuous mode (paragraph 2-6).


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