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TM 55-1905-223-24-13
(4) Screw the impeller nut (10) onto the pump shaft. Finger tighten.
(5) Hold the outside diameter of the impeller (9) and tighten the impeller
nut (10) to 25 ft-lb torque.
(6) Secure gland evenly against the stuffing box.
Place the preformed packing casing seal (12) around the preformed packing
seat on the stuffing box cover.
Carefully slide the motor, motor adapter, and stuffing box assembly into
the casing, using care not to damage the O-ring casing s al. Install
casing machine bolts (5) and secure alternately to a tight fit. Ensure
motor feet are properly aligned with the foundation. Turn shaft by hand to
ensure freedom of movement.
Install pump/motor assembly in accordance with paragraph 2-12.


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