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TM 55-1905-223-24-13
Be careful not to drill into the casing or stuffing
box cover.
(2) Using a chisel, split the wearing rings.
(3) Remove the pieces of the wearing rings.
Wash all metal parts with cleaning solvent, being especially thorough with
deflector, packing gland, stuffing box, and mechanical seal. Dry each part
with compressed air if possible.
Inspect shaft, machine key, impeller, mating surfaces, packing grooves,
and mechanical seal for cracks, nicks, burrs, heavy gouges, or other severe
File and sand down all nicks, burrs, and gouges to a smooth finish and
replace all severely damaged or cracked parts.
Repair is by replacement of the wearing rings (23, 29), impeller(24),
packing gland (34), spring load shaft seal assembly (33), preformed packing
(30), pump shaft sleeve (15), and machine key (21).
Replace Motor Adapter.
(1) Mount the motor adapter (11) to the motor using four capscrews (6).
Be certain the adapter is mounted with the drain hole
on the bottom.
(2) Do not tighten the capscrews at this time.
(3) Upend motor and adapter assembly on the motor end.
(4) Place a dial indicator on the shaft for reading the run outbetween the
motor shaft and the casing. See FIGURE 2-2, Detail A.
(5) While rotating the motor shaft, gently tap the motor adapter with a
soft headed hammer to bring the total indicator run out to less than
.002 inch.


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