Quantcast FIGURE 3-5. Halon Nozzles

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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
b. Remove Halon Tank.
(1) Hose Assembly.
(a) Disconnect hose connector (16).
(b) Disconnect hose connector (14) on opposite end of hose (15) from pipe fitting (13).
(c) Remove hose assembly.
(2) Electro-pneumatic actuator.
(a) Remove male adapter (17) from actuator (18).
(b) Unscrew and remove actuator (18) from valve (19) on halon tank (20).
(3) Halon nozzles.
(a) Position pipe wrench over halon nozzle (1, Figure 3-5) with counter- clockwise rotation to
remove nozzle from metallic pipe (2) in halon piping system.
(b) Repeat step for remaining nozzle.
FIGURE 3-5. Halon Nozzles.


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