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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
It must be possible to install the worm spindle with bushing and
bearings attached, and having bearing on lower spindle to fit into
the spherical plain bearing without tapping on the upper spindle
end, and to turn it freely by hand. If not, smooth the parts with a
very fine emery cloth.
d. Install spindle screw onto worm spindle.
e. With aid of spindle screw, install worm spindle (10) into top frame, with annular ball bearing (12) and
ball bearing protection ring (11) fitted into spherical plain bearing (19).
f. Remove spindle screw.
g. Install preformed packing (5) on top frame.
h. Position neck bearing cap (4) on top frame.
i. Install three machine screws (2) and lockwashers (1) and secure neck bearing cap to top frame.
j. Install spindle cap (3).
k. Install boltguide (18), cylindrical spring (17) and gasket (16) on worm spindle bottom.
1. Position bearing cover (15) on bottom frame with mounting screw holes aligned.
m. Install three machine screws (13) and lockwashers (14) and secure bearing cover to bottom frame.
Refer to Figure 3-10 for the remaining replacement procedures.
Two soldiers are required.
n. Lift and position frame on caps (5), rubber cushions (6), caps (7) and mounting studs (8).
o. Install four cup springs (4) and hex plain nuts (3) and secure frame to mounting studs.
p. Slide worm wheel (10) left to engage with worm spindle.
q. Secure worm wheel with hex head screws (9).
r. Release brake by turning handle (1) clockwise.
s. Position revolution indicator housing (12) on housing (2).


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