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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
b. Replace packing material.
(1) Butt cut new 1-inch square waxed flat packing material in individual rings to exact length of
shaft circumference.
(2) Install new rings with butt and joints staggered in the upper half of the stuffing box around the
shaft using packing gland (9) to push packing rings into stern tube. Ensure same number of
rings are installed as was removed in step a(4), approximately 18 rings.
(3) Install eight packing gland nuts (8) to secure packing gland (9) to stuffing box assembly (4).
(4) Open appropriate seawater cooling valve, S.W.-12 (isolation valve to port stern tube) or
S.W.-13 (isolation valve to starboard stern tube).
(5) Operate main engine. Refer to TM 55-1905-223-10.
(6) Adjust packing gland (9) until stern tube is cool to the touch and leakage is approximately 10
(7) Observe stern tube and plate (7) connection for leakage. If any leakage is present, gasket
splice was not effective. Replace gasket.
(8) Remove "Out of Service - Do Not Operate" tags.


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