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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
The eight friction shoe assemblies must be replaced as a set.
Do not replace individual friction shoe assemblies.
(2) Inspect friction shoe assembly (12) for wear, heat distortion or glazed condition. If any
single assembly is distorted or worn more than 1/3 its original size (compare with new one),
replace all eight friction shoe assemblies.
(3) Clean glazed friction shoe assembly (12) linings by roughing up surface with medium grit
b. Inspect rubber actuating tube (11)
for cracks, swellings, hardness or ply separation.
defective tube with new one.
c. Inspect quick release exhaust safety valve (4) for damaged port threads damaged, replace with new
d. Inspect brake drum (3) surface for grooved or worn surface spots. If found to be grooved or have
worn spots, drum must be replaced after shaft removal, which will require shipyard dry dock facility
a. Install rubber actuating tube.
Original  rubber  actuating  tube  is  manufactured  in  one
continuous circle. Replacement butt end tubes, P/N 412594, are
divided in half with each end sealed to facilitate installation.
(1) Install replacement rubber actuating butt end tube (11) in brake element center rim (9),
positioning tube air valve (1, Figure 3-192) up through rim opening.
(2) Install snap ring (2) on air valve (1).
(3) Install straight adapter (5, Figure 3-191) on actuator tube air valve (1, Figure 3-192).
(4) Install quick release exhaust valve (4, Figure 3-191) OUT port onto straight adapter (5).
(5) Connect air tubing to quick release exhaust valve (4) IN port.
b. Install friction shoe assembly.
(1) Using a block of wood, drive torque bar (13) and flat release spring (14) into friction shoe
assembly (12).


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