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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
f. Install four machine screws (36).
g. Install feather key (22).
h. Install inner bearing cap (26) and cox ring (25) on rotor (30).
i. Use arbor press to install contact roller bearing (24) on rotor.
j. Install end shield (23) and four screws (17).
k. Install feather key (22).
l. Install external fan (21) and retaining ring (20).
m. Install fan cowl (19) and screw (18).
n. Install gasket (16).
o. Install link (15).
p. Install screw (14) and secure link to motor.
q. Install gasket (15) and plug (13) on terminal box (1).
r. Install terminal box.
s. Install four machine screws (2).
t. Install terminal board (3) in terminal box (1) and attach to link (15). Secure to terminal box with two
screws (4).
u. Install terminal clips (11, 10), lockwasher (9) and secure with screw (8).
v. Install gasket (5) and cover (6).
w. Install four machine screws (7) and secure cover to terminal box.
x. Motor and clutch replaced as specified in paragraph 2-17 .


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