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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
n. Align both flange mounting holes as marked in REMOVAL. Some turning of the shaft might be
o. Install sixteen hex head capscrews (22) into matched holes on coupling flange from aft. Install hex
head nuts (21) on forward side of reduction gearbox flange.  Tighten hex head capscrews (22)
alternately to 350 ft-lb torque.
p. Depot maintenance is now required to install propeller (31 or 32) along with packing (4), propeller
cone nut (1), allen socket set screws (3) and hex nuts (2).
q. Position bronze gland (45, sheet 5) with packing (46) against propeller hub. Install six hex head
capscrews (44) and tighten alternately until secure. Ensure packing (46) remains seated.
r. Install lock wire (43) through hex head capscrews (44) holes and secure by pigtailing lock wire (43).
s. At this time shaft alignment should be accomplished by shipyard personnel.
t. After shaft alignment, install expander tube brake assembly (15, Sheet 1). Refer to Chapter 3 .
u. Install stuffing box assembly. Refer to Chapter 3 .
v. Remove chock fast fill plugs and vent plug on top of strut barrel. Fill strut barrel void with chock fast
orange resin until vent opening overflows. Clean openings and replace fill and vent plugs. Ensure
these plugs are secure.
w. On the inside of vessel, at aft top end of stern tube, remove chock fast fill and vent plugs. Fill stern
tube void with chock fast orange resin until vent plug overflows. Clean overflow from stern tube and
replace fill and vent plugs.
x. If seawater cooling connection was removed from stern tube, reconnect at this time.


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