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TM 55-1915-200-SDC
Fold transmitter yoke flat so transmitter mouthpiece lies flush against the breast plate connection box,
using care not to pinch transmitter cord.
Holding headband and coil in the left hand, unhook one end of neck strap from chest plate.
Bring top of chest plate level with coil and headband. Secure chest plate in this position by winding neck
strap around coil and headband just enough times so there will be a short end left over. Twist this end once and refasten
it to chest plate. The headset is then made up in a neat package ready for stowage.
A set properly made up fits into its stowage box without forcing. Never allow loose cord to hang
out of the box because it may be damaged when the lid is closed. Stow only battle telephones in
telephone storage boxes; never put cleaning gear or tools in these boxes. Failure to do so can
seriously damage the equipment.
Sound-powered handsets are fastened to a connection box by a coiled cord. A stowage hook or handset holder
is provided for each handset, and the set must be properly replaced in the holder at all times when not actually in use.
FIGURE 4-1 shows a typical made-up headset.
Figure 4-1. A Typical Made-Up Headset.


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