Quantcast FIGURE 7-9. Shoring a Hatch.

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TM 55-1915-200-SDC
7-12. SHORING HATCHES OR DOORS. The general principles of shoring bulkheads described above apply to shoring
a hatch or a door. The entire hatch or door should be shored and the pressure should be spread over both the hatch
cover or door and the supporting structure, as shown in FIGURE 7-9. Hatches and doors are the weakest part of the
bulkhead or deck in which they are installed.
FIGURE 7-9. Shoring a Hatch.
7-13. STRONGBACKS. All or part of an ordinary shore can be used to make a strongback. Shoring scraps should be
kept for use as strongbacks and short shores. Heavy planks, steel bars, angle irons, and pipe can also be used as


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