Quantcast Figure 2-9. Fuel oil system piping diagram.

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(4) Close the throttle (4) and stop the engine.
c. Fire and Salvage Pump.
(5) Secure the fuel oil system (para 2-12).
(1) Start the engine (b).
(6) Secure the raw water system (para 2-18).
(2) Check that inlet and discharge valves are in
line, and that pump packings are damp.
2-12. Fuel Oil System Operation
(3) Engage clutches to both pumps.
(4) Disengage priming pump clutch when fire
and salvage pump begins discharge of water.
a. General. The fuel oil system consists of seven
(5) Disengage clutch to fire and salvage pump
inner bottom fuel oil tanks (fig. 2-9); one 300 gallon day
when no longer required.
tank; one 30 gallon galley range day tank; one electric
d. Stopping the Auxiliary Set Engine.
drive fuel oil transfer pump; one hand operated rotary
Remove load from generator para 2-
pump, and interconnected piping, vents, sounding tubes,
and filling and discharging deck fittings.  The fuel oil
(2) Gradually slow the engine speed to idle
piping connects directly to the propulsion engine, the
speed (650 rpm) by turning throttle (4, fig. 2-4).
two auxiliary set engines, the heating system burner,
(3) Run at idle speed for at least 5 minutes to
and the galley range burner.
allow engine to cool.
Figure 2-9. Fuel oil system piping diagram.
b. Operation. The fuel oil is pumped into the tug
propulsion engine, the diesel auxiliary sets, and the
heating system oil burner by gravity flow. The galley
at the starboard side deck hose connection, and using
range day tank is filled by using the rotary hand pump,
proper valve positioning fuel oil can be directed into any
which takes fuel oil from the storage tanks and
of the seven storage tanks. The 300 gallon day tank is
discharges oil into the 30 gallon galley range day tank.
filled from the storage tanks by means of the electric
If overflow occurs, the overflow line connects into the
fuel oil transfer pump. If that pump is inoperative, you
300 gallon day tank. If the fuel oil is to be moved off the
can use the rotary hand pump to fill the day tank. The
tug, you may pump
fuel oil day tank is located in the upper engine room, aft
of the propulsion engine and supplies fuel oil to the


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