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TM 55-1905-219-14-10
Table 5-4. Anchor Winch-Slack Puller Fluid Motors
Troubleshooting (Cont).
6. Motor fails to start turning.
Step 1.
Insufficient torque.
Increase relief valve pressure setting.
Step 2
Excessive motor leakage.
Check flow from motor outlet if excessive, check shuttle valve in front port plate.
Pressure not loading-plate causing plate to move away from rotor.
Step 3.
Defective "O" ring on O.D. of front port plate.
Cam ring worn; replace "O" ring if damaged.
Step 4.
Insufficient pump delivery.
Pump worn.
7. Shaft play.
Step 1.
Worn bearings.
Step 2.
Hammering coupling on shaft.
Coupling bore should be slip fit on shaft.
8. Burst lines on motor housing.
Step 1.
Excessive pressure.
If high inertia load over runs motor, relief valve protection is required in one or possibly
both lines between directional valve and motor. Use closed center valve with caution.
Relief valve protection probably required as described above.
9. Excessive noise.
Step 1.
Worn or damaged internal parts.
Disassemble to remove rotor, vane, cam ring assembly. Inspect for excessive wear.
Check condition of faces of port plate and end cap. Rework (lap) or replace if scuffed.


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