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TM 55-1905-219-14-10
Table 5-5. Stern Gate and Mast Hydraulic Cylinder
1. Excessive side load on piston rod.
Step 1.
Misalignment between cylinder and load.
Check alignment of rod with load connection at all points in stroke.
2. Contamination in cylinder.
Step 1.
Dirty installation (rust scale, chips, sealant, etc.).
Clean and flush entire system deburr connections, etc.
Step 2.
Exceptionally dirty environment.
Shield piston rod/bearing area from direct contact with contaminant.
Step 3.
Worn rod scraper.
Replace when rod seals are changed.
3. Impact damage or broken parts.
Step 1.
Cushions not properly adjusted.
Reference adjustment instructions in this manual.
Step 2.
Lack of or improperly adjusted speed controls.
Add or adjust to reduce piston speed.
Step 3.
Excessive system pressure.
Reduce to minimum required to move load.
4. Seal damage (loss of elasticity, shape, etc.).
Step 1.
Excessive temperature in environment or system.
Install replacement seals with proper temperature rating.
Step 2.
Cylinder stored in horizontal position for extended period.
Replace seals, store vertically with rod up.


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