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TM 55-1905-219-14-10
a. Camshaft
1. The contrarotating camshafts are
located near the top of the cylinder
block. A left cylinder bank and a
right cylinder bank camshaft is
provided to actuate the exhaust
valve and injector operating
2. The accurately ground cams ensure
efficient, quiet, cam follower
roller action, and are heat treated
to provide a hard wear surface.
3. The engine is equipped. with a low
velocity, low lift injector cam
lobe and a long- closing ramp
exhaust cam lobe design camshaft.
Former engines were equipped with a
high lift injector cam lobe camshaft.
The two camshafts are interchangeable
and only the current camshaft,
which can be identified by the
numeral "7" stamped on one end of
the camshaft, is serviced.
4. Both ends of each camshaft are
supported by a bearing assembly
which consists of a flanged housing
and two bushings. In addition,
intermediate two-piece bearings
support the camshafts at uniform
intervals throughout their length.
The intermediate bearings are
secured to the camshaft by lock
rings, thus permitting them to be
inserted in the cylinder block with
the shafts. Each intermediate
bearing is secured in place, after
the camshafts are installed, with a
lock screw threaded into a counter-
bored hole in the top of the
cylinder block.
5. The camshaft gear thrust load is
absorbed by two thrust washers, one
on each end of the rear camshaft
end bearing, on each shaft.
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