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TM 55-1905-219-14-10
6. Lubricating oil is supplied under
pressure to the bearings via
angular drilled passages in the
rear of the cylinder block, which
lead from the main oil gallery to
each rear end bearing. From the
rear end bearings, the oil passages
through the drilled oil passages in
the camshafts to the intermediate
bearings and to the front end
7. A camshaft front pulley (integral
weight) is attached to the front
end of the left bank camshaft and a
water pump drive gear (bolt-on
weight) is attached to the front
end of the right bank camshaft. A
camshaft gear is attached to the
rear end of each camshaft. The
pulley and the gears are retained
on the camshafts with a retaining
b. Camshaft gears
1. The camshaft gears, located at the
flywheel end of the engine, mesh
with each other and run at the same
speed as the crankshaft. Either
one of the gears may be driven by
the crankshaft timing gear through
an idler gear, depending upon
engine rotation. Viewing the
engine from the gear train end, the
right hand camshaft gear has right
hand helical teeth and the left
hand camshaft gear has left hand
helical teeth. The idler gear
mates with the right hand camshaft
gear on right hand rotation engines.
2. Since the two camshaft gears must
be in time with each other, timing
marks are stamped on the rim of
both gears. Also, since these two
gears as a unit must be in time
with the crankshaft, timing marks
are located on the idler gear and
the crankshaft gear.


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