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TM 55-1905-219-14-10
3. Each camshaft gear on the right
hand rotation engines are keyed to
the shaft and held securely by a
nut, nut retainer, retainer bolts
4. Camshaft gears used on 12V engines
are not interchangeable.
c. Idler gear
1. The idler gear is mounted on a
double row, tapered roller bearing,
which in turn is supported on a
stationary hub. This hub is
secured directly to the cylinder
block by a bolt which passes
through the hub and rear end plate.
A dowel in the hub correctly
positions the hub and prevents it
from rotating.
2. The idler gear bearing consists of
two cups, two cones and an outer
and inner spacer ring.
3. The idler gear bearing cup(s) is a
light press fit in the gear and is
held in place by a retainer which
is secured by six bolts. The
bearing cones are pressed onto the
gear hub and do not rotate. The
spacer(s) separates the bearing
cones .
4. The idler gear is pressure lubri-
cated by oil from the cylinder
block rear cross oil gallery. Oil
enters an opening between the
cylinder block and the idler gear
hub and circulates around the idler
gear hub bolt which has a smaller
outside diameter than the inside
diameter of the gear hub bolt hole.
The oil is forced through a drilled
passage in the gear hub to the
roller bearing.


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