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TM 55-1905-221-14-3
b. You should first find the malfunction in the table which most closely describes the problem; then perform the test,
inspections and corrective actions in the order in which they are listed.
c.  This manual cannot list all possible symptoms which may occur. If a condition exists which cannot be resolved
by you, notify your supervisor.
d. You should verify the fault before performing troubleshooting.
Before you use this table, be sure you have performed all applicable operating checks.
Table 6-1. Troubleshooting.
1. Engine Will Not Turn Over.
Hand crank engine at least one complete revolution. If engine cannot be rotated a
complete revolution, internal damage is indicated.
Disassemble engine to determine cause and extent of damage. Refer to paragraphs 5-14, 5-15,
5-18 and 6-23 through 6-29.
2. Cranking Speed Low.
Step 1. Check electric starting motor.
Overhaul starting motor. Refer to paragraph 6-19.
Step 2. Check hydraulic starting system.
Refer to paragraphs 5-13.1 through 5-13.7.
Step 3. Check hydraulic starter motor.
Overhaul starting motor. Refer to paragraph 6-21.
3. Low Compression.
Step 1. Check for worn or broken compression rings.
Overhaul cylinder and replace rings. Refer to paragraph 6-27.


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