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TM 55-1905-221-14-3
Table 6-1. Troubleshooting (Continued).
Step 2.
Check for nonfunctioning blower assembly.
Overhaul blower. Refer to paragraph 6-35.
4. Governor Hunting (Unstable).
Step 1.
Check for faulty linkage to injectors.
Adjust linkage. Refer to paragraph 5-14.
Step 2.
Check for faulty governor.
a. Repair governor. Refer to paragraph 5-14.
b. Overhaul governor. Refer to paragraph 6-34.
5. Crankcase Pressure Excessive.
Step 1.
Check for cylinder blowby.
Replace rings, piston or liner. Refer to paragraphs 6-27 and 6-29.
Step 2.
Check blower mounting gasket for leakage.
Replace mounting gasket. Refer to paragraph 6-35.
Step 3.
Check cylinder block end plate gasket for leakage.
Replace end plate gasket. Refer to paragraph 6-29.
6. High Oil Consumption.
Step 1.
Check for worn oil control rings.
Replace rings. Refer to paragraph 6-27.
Step 2.
Check for scarred pistons, rings or liners.
Replace pistons, rings or liners. Refer to paragraph 6-27.
Step 3.
Check for leaking blower oil seals.
Repair blower. Refer to paragraph 6-35.


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